we’re hiring!



what is brewbike?

BrewBike provides college communities delicious coffee in the most convenient ways, every day.

By empowering college students to launch BrewBike at their schools, we equip and enable the next generation of American entrepreneurs. Founded in 2015 at Northwestern University, BrewBike expanded to UT-Austin in early 2019, and is expanding to new schools this Fall. As part of that effort, we're looking for young entrepreneurs and business leaders to work with us to launch, grow, and manage BrewBike at their schools.  

Why is this opportunity special?

The best way to learn to be a great entrepreneur is by doing it. As part of the BrewBike launch team on your campus, you will be able to take a proven concept, launch it, grow it, and manage it, without taking on the financial risk inherent in most startups. We provide the idea, the capital, and some know how. You are given the autonomy to make BrewBike as successful as possible at your school.

We’ll work closely with you to make it happen. When you join, you’ll go through a bootcamp for everything business (finance, marketing, operations, HR, and more) through a multi-week internship on campus. Learning from professionals in the food industry will give you base knowledge and tools that will help you hit the ground running at BrewBike.


what positions are available?

We are hiring for three roles within the new campus launch team.


Campus Founder & CEO

Launch and manage BrewBike on campus. From employee training, to product development, to managing the finances, the CEO will gain experience in what it takes to successfully launch, grow, and manage a business.

Campus Chief Operating Officer

Develop and execute the day-to-day operations of BrewBike on campus. Optimize ordering, inventory management, and processes to enable excellent customer service, think creatively to solve problems, and position the company for growth.

Campus Chief Human Resources Officer

Develop and manage Human Resource processes on campus. Hire and train the team, manage payroll and scheduling, and communicate with the team to ensure a positive employment experience at BrewBike for all.


will I be paid?

Yes! You will be paid for both your internship and work at BrewBike.

Your pay at BrewBike is negotiable; you can receive an hourly wage, be paid as a portion of profits, or a combination of both. We want you to be happy and comfortable with your compensation, so we’re happy to work with you on what we think is best.


How do I apply?


Our goal is to hire leaders who don’t take no for an answer and who want to sell coffee and solve problems in creative ways. Sound like you? Apply below!


If you have any questions or would like to discuss these opportunities, email team@brewbikecoffee.com.