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what is brewbike?

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BrewBike provides college communities delicious coffee in the most convenient ways, every day.

By empowering college students to launch BrewBike at their schools, we equip and enable the next generation of American entrepreneurs. Founded in 2015 at Northwestern University, BrewBike expanded to UT-Austin in early 2019, and is expanding to new schools this Fall. As part of the effort, we're looking for a team of high-energy students to launch and operate BrewBike at their schools.

Why is this opportunity special?

BrewBike isn't your average campus job. You won't be scanning books in and out at the library; you won't be answering calls for the Dean of the Business school; you won't be fixing projectors for the same professors over and over again. Instead, you'll be getting in at the ground floor of an exciting and growing student run business.

Not only that, but joining us as a campus level employee will put you in a great position to rise through the ranks as we (and you) continue to grow. We do almost all of our hiring for management positions internally, and many of our employees at other schools name their time with BrewBike as their most valuable extracurricular experience at college.


what positions are available?

We are hiring for two roles on our campus team.


Barista Team

As part of our Barista team you will be the friendly face that our customers see everyday. You'll maintain clean serving space and a friendly atmosphere, and act as a brand ambassador to the student population. You'll serve coffee, educate customers, gather feedback, and help us problem-solve on the fly.

Brew Team

As part of our Brew Team you will be the one working behind the scenes to make sure BrewBike can operate every day. You'll be in charge of brewing coffee, creating brewing schedules, experimenting with new recipes, maintaining inventory levels, and much more.


Students should feel free to apply for both the Barista Team and the Brew Team. If you’re interested in taking on both roles we would love to hear from you!


All of our employees are compensated for their time and work. For more information on concrete, role-specific wages, please reach out to your campus CPO.


How do I apply?


Our goal is to hire creative, intelligent, and personable employees who are motivated to add value to the business and themselves.