the bReWbike story

In 2015, Northwestern freshmen Lucas Philips and Abrahama Geduld co-founded BrewBike because it was too hard to get great coffee on campus. They wanted to offer delicious coffee that was easier to get. They also wanted to be Northwestern’s first fully student-run coffee shop.


Their first idea was to build a mobile coffee bike, park it in the best location on campus, and serve delicious cold coffee.

Soon, Sophomore Jake Calthorpe joined them, and with the help of a passionate team of students and mentors at The Garage, they raised over $10,000 on IndieGoGo, maxed out a few credit cards, and launched BrewBike.

Then, a few weeks into the school year, it started to snow. They put the bike away and nearly went bankrupt. But instead of closing their doors, they launched a coffee kiosk in Annenberg Hall, and Eli Goldstein joined the team to help with staffing their growing team of student baristas, operations team members, and brewers. BrewBike survived the winter and grew from there.


Today, BrewBike is live on multiple campuses in three states, with a number of bikes, retail locations, and wholesale customers.

Every day, we give our customers the opportunity to get great coffee easily on campus. As importantly, we’ve put over $100,000 in the pockets of our student employees, and given students across the country the opportunity to see what it takes to run a real startup.

In the coming years, students will launch BrewBike on campuses across the country. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, and excited for where we’re going.